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Western Digital/EDSAR Project

I directed and edited this piece.  I thought it came out great!

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of my friends, colleagues and clients the very best in 2018!

Happy Holidays!

Music: “Christmas Rap” - Kevin MacLeod (

USATF Outdoor Championships - W1500m Final

I had the honor of directing the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships in my hometown.  Here were many great races, but the women’s 1500 meter final had the moment of the meet.  Jenny Simpson won the race in convincing fashion, Sacramento’s own Kate Grace took second and Sara Vaughn, a mom of 3 and full time real estate agent, punched her ticket to the World Championships in London.

Fawn Rescue

Right after I got off the air for the final day of the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships, I got a message that my 13-year old stepson had spotted a fawn trapped in a hole directly across the river from Sac State.  We contacted an animal rescue outfit.  Below is video of the rescue.

This Reaction Made Me Smile :)

Here’s the Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling team finding out they upset #1 ranked Baylor

Oregon Acro & Tumbling Reax

Image from Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

My last show as a TD was the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games.  This image will always be my lasting memory of Rio.

Redeemer Fireworks

A Run Around the Sun

In 2013, I ran every day.  I made a video about it.

Sacramento Republic FC “Cultivating a Soccer Capital” Feature

I’m no editor.  But I did write and edit this piece for a Sacramento Republic FC match I was producing.  I was happy with how it came out.

Paris Metro POV

I stuck a GoPro to a Paris Metro car with a magnetic mount.

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